"The Hidden Language To The Soul Is Dance!"


Students take 1 class per week in their chosen discipline.  Ballet, Tap and Jazz are offered for ages 4 and up.  Dancers can add Acro and Hip Hop starting at age 6 (Blue Classes).

Within the dancer's chosen discipline(s) Kids In Dance offers proper warm up, footwork, body technique, counting of music along with a cool down.

From September to June, students learn a choreographed dance that will be performed at our exciting Year End Recital.

Below is an outline of the age classifications on our Recreational Programs.

Tippy Toes: 18 - 30 Months

This class is for your toddler who loves to twirl around the house with music! The

program will be enjoyable, entertaining, and at the same time educational.

Students will meet new friends, learn to dance, and have some fun.

These little dancers may be included in the year end show.


PINK:  Ages 3-5

Here we introduce and build a strong foundation in basic techniques.  Catered to

novice dancers, this course offers detailed training by our instructors at a

manageable pace.  The taught techniques will be integrated into 

 choreography that students will perform at our year end show.

BLUE: Ages 6-8

In this level we further develop students’ strength, coordination and flexibility

that had been taught in Level 1 classes.  Students will learn how to better

apply techniques to choreography, while infusing personal

style through execution.


GREEN: Ages 9-11

Designed for those dancers that have successfully completed Level 2 or two years

dance experience.  Aiming to strengthen and advance students' existing

foundation from previous levels.


ORANGE: Ages 12+

The emphasis of this level will be based on expanding the dancers’ repertoire, in

order to prepare for the competitive level, whether part time or full time.

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